In stillness we find our might. In darkness we find our Light.
Turn the senses inward for your insight. Your Truth awaits you.
Tracy - Shiva Gian

About Tracy - Shiva Gian

Tracy Kennedy, PhD (Shiva Gian) completed her RYT 200 hours at Shine On Yoga Niagara, with Diane Herring (Manjeet), and is thrilled to be offering weekly Yoga Practices at The Spiritual Spa in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Tracy is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Psychic Empath, Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Metaphysical Educator.

I have been studying world religions since I was a child, taking courses in high school and university to try and satisfy my interest and curiosity of things that bridged the Seen and the Unseen world. I am familiar with Hindu Deities and have always felt connected to some of them. Ganesha was the first Hindu Deity to step forth for me, and did so during a healing session with a client in 2013. Since that time, other Deities from religions have done the same (which I am so grateful for!). I have come to understand that my role here as a Lightworker & Spiritual Warrior is to shine and shed light. I have written about it previously. It wasn't until recently that some more of the pieces came together.

Shiva, the Destroyer, is part of the Trinity with Vishnu the Sustainer, and Brahma the Creator. Shiva destroys evil and transforms to make way for rebirth and new life.  Some key features in the depiction of Shiva include: third eye, a Serpent (Kundalini), a Trident, drum, and Tiger skin. Shiva "is said to protect his followers from greed, lust, and anger, as well as the illusion and ignorance that stand in the way of divine enlightenment." (Herring, 2017: 37).

Shiva has been with me for many years, running in the background, always present, yet unnamed. It all started to unfold (and perhaps unravel) at the beginning of my Yoga Teacher Training. There are so many synchronicities and overlap that led to me my current awareness and naming of Shiva's energy that it would take hours to cover.  I am so grateful that I kept getting confirmation in different ways (and still do). When I received my Spiritual name - Shiva Gian - from Nirinjan Kaur, who shares the teachings of Yogi Bhajan at the 3HO Foundation, I was very surprised, but I started to understand and make the connections. In short,  Shiva means to destroy illusions and Gian means wisdom; I shed light on the social illusions with the education and insight that I have, to show people how to find the Truth within them. It's something I've known and done all my life.

My doctoral education as a Sociologist taught me not only about the problematics of society (both on a meta and micro scale), but also how to spot issues and see how these play out for individuals. I see how ideologies take shape within people, and how they manifest and express, which often leads to alienation, depression, anxiety, and anger. Social conditioning - or Socialization - is the root of our Spiritual alienation. I see this in my clients, and I help them to see the layers of socialization we carry, which isn't really who we truly are, that the world out there is a fabricated reality to suit the needs of those in power. The system is broken. So, I shed light on these problematic ideologies, and seek to dismantle them - destroy them by illuminating them - with truth and light.

I have done this throughout my lifetime in many different ways, with the last six years focusing on energy healing, empathic insights, and psychic mediumship. For me, Yoga is another piece of the puzzle, another aspect of our holistic health that offers solid tools to live in joy and flourish. It's provided me deeper understanding of my medical intuitive gifts, and tuning one's awareness into the body and what it's telling you. It has shown me how emotions and energy can be held in the mind and body, which is helpful as an Empath. It has helped my mental focus and meditation, which helped strengthen my psychic mediumship. It's provided me more than I can put into words at this time.

Yoga is a way of life that helps people in the everyday world, in addition to helping Lightworkers, Spiritual Warriors, Healers, Empaths, and Psychic Mediums - those who are here to raise consciousness and show a different way of Being. It's all connected. And so, I decided to name my studio Shiva Gian Yoga to honour all the synchronicities and symbolisms throughout my lifetime, and to honour the Light that Shines bright within each of Us. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali & the Eight Limbs of Yoga act as a guide and a bridge within each of the Yoga Practices offered.

Overcome the 'mind-stuff' - the socialized self that I would call the ego self that gets in the way of our True Being. Chanting Om Namah Shivaya in your Sadhana/daily Spiritual Practice (and throughout the day), reminds you to honour your Self, and to remember who you are. You can also chant the Shiv Gayatri Mantra:

Om ahadevaya Vidmahe Rudramurtaye
Dhimahi Tannah Shivah Prachodayat

  महादेवाय विद्महे रुद्रमूर्तये धीमहि तन्नः शिवः प्रचोदयात्॥

Om, Let me meditate on the great Lord,
Oh, greatest God, give me higher intellect,
And let God Shiva illuminate my mind.

And, I continue, in wonderment, awe, and joy. Join me.

Tracy - Shiva Gian


RYT200 Hours: Alignment Principles, Sequencing & Class themes, Pranayama, Chanting, Meditation, Functional Anatomy & Physiology. Energetic Anatomy, Yogic Philosophy, Ethics, Lifestyle, Teaching Methodology, Practicum.


Herring, D. (2017). Shine On Yoga 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Manual.

Stephens, M (2010). Teaching Yoga: Essential Foundations and Techniques. North Atlantic Books, Berkeley: California.

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